2019-05-10 15:44:44
StegoTime Release

We have the pleasure to release our new Information Security Software, namely, StegoTime.

StegoTime is a new Information Security Software. It is considered as the first Information Security Software of its type. It can reliably and securely store sensitive and confidential data (Secret File) using the two main concepts of cryptography, namely: Encryption and Steganography. In addition, it applies efficient compression schemes on the Secret File to reduce it size and, consequently, enhance image steganization capacity, as well as add extra security.

StegoTime alleviates the exponentially growing concerns about the security and confidentiality of stored data being disclosed to, modified, or accessed by, physical or logical unauthorized users, intruders, or adversaries. With StegoTime you can be sure that no one can disclose, modify, or access your Secret Files apart from you and through your authorized copy of StegoTime. 

Download StegoTime Installer